Remember importance

Remember importance Menu of encouragement and punishments.

Possible daily awards Possible weekly awards Possible awards in the long term – – Dawson P.

, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.

Lava .

Approach planning commitment to excellence and to control.

Try to use it in the interests.

Remember importance of useful compliance.

Do not forget that, that will suit you, it is not necessarily good for the child.

For example, we found out that organizational schemes, perfectly I work shchy for one person, can not be pleasant to another at all.

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Not Studite child for expressions of fear, but rather take care.

For example, some time before sleep well a child at his bedside, asking a child about imaginary characters in this manner How do they look?

What do they want?

What kind of world they exist?

Why they came into our world?

What can you do to make friends with them?

What will happen when you make friends?

What words they'll tell you before going to sleep?


Take the fear of the child and tell us your story about how who feared in his childhood and how he coped with this fear.

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To ask someone

To ask someone To ask someone about to trust me .

To use cards with the text and pictures .

To learnrepeat .

To make a crib .

To prepare with the friend .

To prepare with group .

To prepare together with the teacher .

To prepare with mother father .

To ask the help .

Another Dawson P.

, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.

Chapter .

Otovy plans for training of your child in performance of daily tasks Tab.


Plan of preparation Date Day What strategy I will be to use?

zap to sat according to numbers What is the time I will spend for everyone strategy?

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We allow

We allow I can only tell that the exercises which are usually made in psychometrics do not seem to me suitable for small children.

The feeling of sense of smell is not developed at children considerably, and that is why it is so difficult to turn them attention to this feeling.

We used the ordinary device, but used it not so often, to be it the basis for a method.

We allow the child to smell fresh violets and jasmine flowers, then we tie with a scarf to it eyes and we speak Now we will bring to you flowers.

One of children are brought to the child's nose by a bouquet of violets and asks to guess the name of a flower.

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Org . Help

Org . Help These are the short stories including three types offers descriptive which concern key elemen t of a social situation; perspective which describe reak tion and feelings of other people; the directive, defining ways successfully to cope with a situation.

It is more about social stories you will be able to learn on the site Carol Gray www.


org .

Help the child to develop strategy by default for managements of situations in which inflexibility causes seriousness ny problems.

It is possible to count, for example, to ten, to distract, to calm down a little, and then to start the decision or to ask for the help the specific person.

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